Artwork Services

We offer a range of artworking services to suit your requirements and skill level. We can help with anything from booklets to ring binders.

Artwork Check – Free with every order

We give all artwork a thorough check with a human eye before proceeding with an order. We also use some automated tools that can catch issues that the naked eye might not pick up. If you have followed our Artwork Setup Guide and set your artwork up to one of our templates this is all that should be required to ensure that your print comes out spot on. If you don’t have the tools to edit your artwork then we can provide some additional services that will sort it out for you:

Hand Holding – £35

Turnaround: 1 working day
Sometimes your artwork is almost ready for print but requires a few tweaks in order to get the best results. We can make minor amends such as resizing your document, adding bleed or removing unnecessary guides. We can also convert a non standard format such as Microsoft Word to a print-ready document for you. If any issues are detected while performing your free artwork check we may suggest this service to get your document print-ready.

Simple Layout – £60

Turnaround: 2-3 working days
This is a cost effective solution if you would like to produce a simple design and you don’t have the necessary tools or the time to do so yourself. Our studio manager will tastefully apply your logo and will professionally typeset your contact details and strapline along with a background colour of your choice.

Alternatively, if you have artwork that has been printed in the past and is set up to another template we can resize and reshape your design to fit our templates.

This service includes half an hour of design time plus one round of amends and, as always, free PDF and printed proofs. If you require images and other fancy things then our full artworking and design service is for you.

Full Artworking and Design – £70 per hour

Turnaround: 3 working days for first draft
If you do not have access to a professional graphic designer don’t worry as we can provide a professional design service.

This service is provided by our highly qualified designers, who are experienced in producing work for our specialist product range. They work efficiently and can avoid common pitfalls for example; positioning text where it is likely to be covered by a pocket. They know which colours work best and how images will look when printed.

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Recommended Designer – £POA

If you would rather be more hands on in the design process and would like to work with a local company we can recommend someone in your area. If you don’t already work with a designer the task of finding one can be daunting.

We work regularly with many design companies across the country and will happily put you in touch with someone in your area who we know can produce outstanding work and will get your order to print efficiently and problem free. Please contact us for more details.

Please note: We are not affiliated with any design companies and are unable to take responsibility for the actions of any third party.