Artwork Set Up Guide

Below is our artwork set up guide. Please read it carefully to ensure that no hand holding service will be required. If you are unsure of anything just give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through it.

Download your Template Files

Download your templates .zip file by clicking on the template link on your chosen product’s page.
Once extracted your template folder will contain a .pdf template file for each section of your document including front, back and pockets where applicable.
Our template files are designed so that you can either work on them in your design package or open them in adobe reader to obtain the correct dimensions.

You will notice that there are a number of different features on the template. These are explained below:

Trim Line
The solid blue line represents the trimmed size and shape of the document. Business card slots are also represented using this line. The arrows and dimensions shown in green show the finished size of the trimmed document.

Fold Line
The dashed blue line represents where the document will be creased and folded.

Bleed Box
The solid light blue box represents the size of the document that you must supply us in order to print it successfully. The dimensions of this box are show with red arrows. This box includes 3mm bleed on each edge.

Design your Artwork

Our preferred file type is a .pdf or .jpg. We can accept most industry standard formats however a handholding charge will apply to convert your documents to print ready files. We do not accept artwork that has been created in a non-industry standard application such as Microsoft word or Microsoft Powerpoint. (Please note if uploading artwork with our online ordering service the file type must be saved as a .jpg file.)
If you have opened the template file in your design package we recommend creating a new layer for your artwork.

Before you start your artwork please add a 0.25pt black hairline around the edge of your document to the dimensions of the ‘bleed box’. This helps us to define the edge of your document when setting up for print.

Ensure that all images used are 300dpi at the required size.

Any artwork that reaches to the ‘trim line’ must be extended further to meet the edge of the ‘bleed box’.

Save your Artwork

Delete or hide the template layer.
Create a new folder named ‘artwork’.

Save your document into your ‘artwork’ folder with the same name as the template that you are working from. For example if your template is named outside_cover.pdf save your document as outside_cover.pdf or outside_cover.jpg.

Check your artwork using Adobe reader to make sure the document size is correct and all content is in the right place.

Repeat these steps with each template document and save them all into your ‘artwork folder’.

Zip or archive your ‘artwork’ folder and email it to us. We will then check your documents and email your PDF proof shortly.

If using our online ordering system please upload your .jpg files directly to the website. Please be patient at this stage as the files are likely to be large and may take some time to upload.

All prices are subject to VAT and are based on our in house templates (where applicable). If the quantity you are after is not displayed or you require a bespoke template please contact us and we will be happy to supply a custom quote. Prices may change without notice so please get in touch for our most up to date pricing.


We accept these cards: