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Printed Folders are what we at specialise in.

The term “printed folders” can mean different things to different people so this article aims to define what how we interpret them and what we offer.

Other terms that mean the same thing are: presentation folder, pocket folders, conference folders and document wallets. Some people use the term binder however we would use this term for a more robust product such as a ring binder usually produced from 2mm thick board PVC or polypropylene.

To us a printed folder is a document printed onto a thick paper/ lightweight card usually between 250gsm – 400gsm. The purpose of the document is to hold one or more smaller documents to protect them and to keep them together. The folder is comprises of a cover and at least one pocket. The most common cover size in the UK is oversize A4. The exact dimensions can vary from supplier to supplier but ours are usually 303mm x 218mm. The cover has 4 pages; the front cover, inside cover, inside back and outer back.

The pocket or pockets are die cut to a shape specified by the customer. The job of the pocket is to hold the documents in place within the cover and sometimes to hold a business card. Sometimes a foam stud will be placed on to the pocket to hold a CD or DVD.

Depending on the number and thickness of the documents to be contained the customer might specify an appropriate capacity. We offer as standard a flat, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm option. A flat presentation folder would be fine for anything up to 16 sheets of 80gsm copy paper.

The material used can vary. The most common is silk or gloss artboard however uncoated, coloured and textured papers can be used subject to budget. We are a big fan of Fedrigoni graphic papers.

With regard to branding there are many ways to apply your artwork to the folder. The most popular method for quantities of 1000 or more is Offset Lithographic printing. This is a traditional method and gives great colour and resolution. For shorter runs Digital printing is commonly used. The quality of digital printing has advanced a long way in the past decade or so and is now almost indistinguishable to Offset in many cases. Hot foil is another method. This is usually seen on folders that are to be used in conjunction with expensive or high quality products or services.

Our customers tend to favour Matt or Gloss lamination to add durability and a bit of wow factor to their printed folders. In addition to matt lamination a spot UV coating is sometimes used to highlight images, graphical elements or text with a glossy sheen.

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