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Printed Ring Binders – Ring Binder Printing


Printed Ring Binders

Printed Ring Binders can often be expensive when ordering small quantities. With our ring binder printing you can order as few or as many as you require without paying a premium.
These paper over board printed ring binders are printed full colour on the highest quality paper, laminated with a matt or gloss finish and mounted on to thick cardboard.

Because they are completely custom made, the size, shape, spine thickness and binding mechanism are completely up to you. We can also add custom pockets and CD holders to enhance functionality of your custom ring binders.

Please give us a call on 01276 300151 to discuss any bespoke ring binder printing requirements you may have.


Printed Ring Binders can be used for a number of purposes. We find that customers order short runs for pitches, tenders, bids and proposals for large deals. When a customer has information that might change over time or needs to be tailored to suit the client a printed ring binder can provide the flexibility required.

As well as their versatility ring binders are durable enough to provide adequate protection for large documents that might need to be stored and used for reference over long periods of time.

To hold pages securely we always recommend a 4 hole ring mechanism. D-rings are designed to give the right edge of the document a flat edge when used with tabbed dividers. Otherwise the dividers lower down in the stack can become hidden by the paper above. If the pages are to be browsed and turned often O-rings provide a smoother action.

When setting up artwork for a ring binder it is important to consider bleed. For a ring binder the bleed should be 15mm as opposed to 3mm which is standard in commercial printing. This is because the paper on the front cover wraps around the board to the inside where the edge is covered with a lining paper. Another thing to consider is the direction of text on the spine. It is standard to place the text so that it reads from top to bottom if the printed ring binder is standing upright. This is so that, when it is laying face up on a table the text on the spine does not appear upside down.

It’s always best to request a sample before going ahead with a print order Some things to check when ring binder printing (especially in short runs) are:

1. Check that the product is true paper over board with turned edges. Some producers simply laminate paper onto the card leaving an exposed edge which can absorb water and is also prone to peeling.

3. Make sure high quality binding mechanisms are used. Cheaper ones can be misaligned and will cause pages to catch.

3. Ensure that the ring binder has a wide, deep crease. Some producers use two smaller creases which can weaken the structure of the binder.

4. Ensure that the thickness of the board is between 1500 and 2500 microns.

5. If it is short run make sure that the digital machine is high quality and maintained correctly. Dirty inkjet heads can lead to banding on solid colours.

6. To avoid laminate peeling along the spine ensure that the laminate has an aggressive adhesive.

If you have any questions regarding ring binder printing please contact us at

PLEASE NOTE the above prices are for print only and are subject to the set up of artwork using our online ordering system. If you do require design or art-working we can provide a solution to suit your needs.

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All prices are subject to VAT and are based on our in house templates (where applicable). If the quantity you are after is not displayed or you require a bespoke template please contact us and we will be happy to supply a custom quote. Prices may change without notice so please get in touch for our most up to date pricing.

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