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Buying Presentation Folders in the UK

Promoting your small business in the UK? Need an easy and cost effective method of doing so? If the questions concern you then certainly you need presentation folders. These little hard folders are the ultimate things that would definitely expel your business to a wide majority of customers.

What are presentation folders?

Presentation folders are those types of folders which hold any of your documents and loose paper in one organised way. The folders are made from some hard covering material which is tough but can be folded. One or two pockets are included in the folders so that your files go nowhere but stay in the folder.

Difference between file folders and presentation folders:

The presentation folders purpose in a similar way as a file folder, only differing in their print. The function which they share is organisational mainly. The former is mostly printed and it showcases a brilliant portrayal of the motives of the Concern Company or organisation.

Presentation folders UK are a way of advertising:

The folders are generally or more specifically a presentation of your small business. They not only hold and organise your papers but they also advertise what your company does. Apart from all the work and alliteration, these folders have always been chosen as the best in the dual function.


Presentation folders come in variety of structure, coating, texture and sizes. Also, their slits differ widely depending upon the needs and the type of marketing. The coating which is done on the folders may be UV, lamination and aqueous. The coating actually gives the outer ‘feel’ to the folders. Aqueous coating gives glossy feel to the folders where as to minimise reflection ‘matte’ coating is used. ‘Satin’ is used for an intermediate shine. The purpose of these coatings is not just giving the feel to the folders but also it is to protect them from wear and tearing. Staining has always been a problem with such folders and the appropriate coating help in solving this problem too.

Sizes of the folders

UK Presentation Folder sizes differ from that of the US as A4 replaces US letter size. Size is something which is important while choosing the right folder for the right document. For example, if you are to organise and keep some letters then you need to bring out the folder which suits its size. Similarly, some legal document could have other sizes and thus the folders are to be chosen appropriately.

Our services

Presentation folders are the key source to vitalise your business promotion and at the same time keep the documents safe and organised. If you are looking for the perfect match which exhibits both of these characteristics, then you are looking for them at the right place.
We provide presentation folders of any texture, size or coating. We not only give a 100% product surety but also give you the ultimate ease of price matching, so that if you are some corporate small business, the over-all cost does not be of much effect to you.

From UK, A4 sized folders to the A5 and to the letter sized, we are here to serve you in the best means possible.


All prices are subject to VAT and are based on our in house templates (where applicable). If the quantity you are after is not displayed or you require a bespoke template please contact us and we will be happy to supply a custom quote. Prices may change without notice so please get in touch for our most up to date pricing.

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