Special Finishes

We offer a range of high-impact, tactile print finishes. Below you’ll find details of the techniques we currently offer…


Lamination films provide both protective qualities and decorative appeal. A thin film is applied to the printed piece which is designed to increase the life of the product. Films are available in an impact gloss or a more subtle matt finish.


Spot UV

Gloss varnished highlights can be applied to the printed piece along with a matt lamination to create stunning, high-impact effects.


Similar to Spot UV foiled areas can be used to create high-impact highlights. Foils are not just limited to gold and silver (as the description might suggest), but extend to a wide range of multi-coloured and holographic options too.


Embossing and Debossing provides the opportunity to enhance the print with impressive 3D effects. Embossing creates a raised impression, while debossing creates a depressed impression on the paper.

Bespoke Cutting Shapes

A bespoke cutting shape can be used to create a totally unique and memorable design. This can be particularly effective for irregular pocket designs on presentation folders.


Magnets, velcro dots, self-adhesive wallets and disk fixings are just a selection of items, we offer, that can be added to enhance both the functionality and visual interest of printed documents. For additional options please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Special Papers

We offer a range of coloured and textured papers, including options from the ‘Conqueror’ range, to create a high quality bespoke feel.